Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dan and Brian say THANKS and Safe Home!

Thanks for a great and most memorable trip to the Emerald Isle. Plans are underway to do it all again in 2012. For more information keep an eye out for the Spirit of Ireland Journey next June.

Bunratty Castle Magic!

After 10 days in Southwest Ireland, with our hearts filled with great music, new friends and Celtic memories to last a lifetime, we end up back in Shannon where many people stayed an extra day to tour the Bunratty Castle and Bunratty Theme park... A magical time was had by all.

Surfs up in Dingle!

Eva and Ellin get caught by a wave at Slea Head Beach in Dingle...Not to worry, the Guiness Stout that night warmed up their toes.

A Splendid Day with P.J. Curtis

Every day was an encore with this trip, but having a day with P.J. Curtis, who shared with us his wisdom of Celtic music, Irish history, mythical Celtic lore (and much, much more) was one of the best. Here is P.J. at a church ruin, explaining the artwork above the door of the church, a stone relief of the Celtic Goddess Sheela Na Gee.

The Magic of Ireland

Ireland has many castles, including a Castle Tower in the town of Doolin, know as the traditional music capitol of Ireland, where we spent three days taking in the music and the sights. This photo, taken at sunset, reveals the magic of Eire.... enjoy!

The Cliffs of Moher

What would a trip to Ireland be without a stop at the beautiful Cliffs of Moher? One of the most popular sites in all of Ireland, they have been filmed in a great many movies, from Ryan's Daughter to The Princess Bride. We hit it lucky with the weather...

Dingle is Known for its Traditional Music

One of the highlights of our trip is the exposure to traditional Irish music. Dingle has some of the best traditional music in all of Ireland and we heard a lot of it right in our hotel pub. Tom, our beloved in-country host, is well connected and we are all the more blessed because of it. Pictured here is renowned artist Brendan Begley and his son on guitar...simply amazing